In light of CVE-2023-4863, I started looking into updating the Microsoft.WebpImageExtension app on Windows 10/Windows 11 via a command line. In the process, I discovered a few things about winget and PowerShell commands for Appx and thought I’d share them here. The vulnerability I’m concerned with is documented at, and Specifically, I’m […]

System Center Configuration Manager can be used for offline injection of updates into the install.wim file within a Windows Server ISO. The newly updated install.wim file can be used with SCCM as part of a operating system image, or it can be baked into an ISO to produce a “slipstreamed” ISO containing most of the […]

While packaging a few Intel drivers (video driver, USB 3.0, chipset, management engine components, etc.) for our HP laptops, I noticed that each of the driver downloads contained a file named “mup.xml”. This file contains, among other things, information about valid command line switches for the setup.exe installer. A snippet of the mup.xml file for […]

While working on a new System Center Configuration Manager 1511 server that I was building, I noticed that each of the Component Status logs were returning 0 messages for the previous 1 day. If I set the threshold back to 1 week, I could see events, but they had completely stopped a few days earlier. […]

I have found error ID 40, with the description “The event logging service encountered an error when attempting to apply one or more policy settings.” is written to the System event log when the Group Policy setting “Specify the maximum log file size (KB)” under “Windows Components/Event Log Service/System” is configured (either enabled and set […]

I have been working on some unattended installation scripts for applications to be deployed through an SCCM OSD task sequence that builds our Windows 10 workstations. Happily, many of the lessons learned with Windows 7 are directly applicable to Windows 10. However, Windows 10 has made a significant change to the way applications are able […]