Colophon uses the inimitable WordPress for content management.

The layout is ever changing and draws from a number of sources, but I must mention that John Gruber’s site, DaringFireball, has been a huge influence. Every time I think I’m approaching minimalist zen, I revisit his site to see what else I can strip out of mine. Another excellent example of text-as-geometry is Warpspire’s Hemingway theme, which has been another source of envy and inspiration over the years. The font face, Segoe UI, and size of the headings and body paragraphs have been taken from Microsoft’s TechNet (see the page at for an example). is valid HTML5 (served as text/html) and valid CSS, and until recently it had been XHTML 1.0 Strict, which is how I currently develop sites for clients. The exceptions to validation come from the use of microdata markup or various JavaScript snippets used by social media buttons and badges, the benefits of which outweigh the desire to have completely valid HTML. You can check the links in the footer of each page if you’re curious about validation.

The font in the ardamis logo is Ben Nathan’s BN 3rd Place (variously, BN 3th Place).

Ardamis uses the following plugins:

I’ve used the following plugins in the past and may again in the future:

  • the_excerpt Reloaded — When a post does not contain an excerpt, displays the contents of the post (typically abbreviated), which can be customized to selectively allow HTML tags, specify the length of the excerpt (in words), refashion the “moreā€¦” link, etc.
  • Xbox 360 Gamercard WordPress Plugin — Display your Gamer Card using XHTML and CSS instead of an image or an iframe; style it however you like. (Written by me.)
  • Halo 3 Service Record WordPress Plugin — Display your Halo 3 Service Record information using XHTML and CSS instead of an image or an iframe; style it however you like. (Written by me.)
  • Halo 2 Stats WordPress Plugin — Similar to the Halo 3 plugin, but for Halo 2. (Written by me.)