I’ve been developing web sites since 2000, solo and collaboratively with some very talented designers.

I’ll stash away any examples of web site design and development, PHP programming and scripting, and theme and template development projects that I’ve been involved in here.

Programming and scripting

Web Applications

Lately, I’ve been working on developing full-featured web applications. Here are the big projects.

  1. A dice roller: rollforit. Enter a name, create a room, invite your friends, and start rolling dice. For people who want to play pen and paper, table-top RPG dice games with their distant friends.
  2. A URL shortener: Minifi.de (now offline). Minifi.de came with an API and a bookmarklet.
  3. A social networking site: Snapbase (now offline). Snapbase was a social site that showed you what was going on in your city or anywhere in the world as pictures are uploaded by your friends and neighbors. The application extracts location information from the EXIF data embedded in images and displays recent images taken near your present location.
  4. A trouble-ticketing system for an IT help desk or technical support center. It’s really pretty extensive, with asset management, user accounts, salted encrypted passwords, and all sorts of nifty things. I really must write a full description of it at some point.
  5. An account-based invoice tracking and access system for grouping invoices according to clients, then sharing invoice history with those clients and allowing them to easily pay outstanding invoices via Paypal.
  6. An account-based document access system for sharing one or more documents, where access requires a key comprised of a long string of characters. Like the sharing function of Google Docs, but designed for small businesses that want to make invoices or reports easily available to their customers.
  7. A simple method for protecting a download using a unique URL that can be emailed to authorized users. The URL can be set to expire after a certain amount of time or any number of downloads.
  8. An update to the above download protection script to protect multiple downloads, generate batches of keys, leave notes about who received the key, the ability to specify per-key the allowable number of downloads and age, and some basic reporting.
  9. An HTML auction template generator that helps users create HTML auction templates for eBay, and uses SWFUpload and tinyMCE.

WordPress Plugins

These are a blast to create. WordPress is nothing if not customizable, and building a plugin to add some here-to unavailable functionality is pretty fun.

  1. Xbox 360 Gamercard WordPress Plugin
  2. A WordPress Plugin for Title Case Capitalization
  3. A WordPress Plugin for Adding the Post Date to wp_get_archives
  4. Despacer WordPress Plugin (Removes the leading spaces from wp_title())
  5. A fixed version of the Sociable plugin
  6. Halo 3 Service Record WordPress Plugin
  7. Halo 2 Stats WordPress Plugin

Theme and template development

WordPress themes

WordPress themes are exceptionally easy to create and there are thousands to choose from. Unfortunately, the very ease with which they are created leads to a plethora of really mediocre themes. I felt that there was a demand for simple, even minimalist themes that get out of the way of the author’s content. So, when ardamis.com was ready for a redesign, I released the theme it had been using as Apricot, a free download at The WordPress.org Themes Directory, where it has been downloaded over 23,000 times since August, 2008.

  1. Apricot – A WordPress Theme

Plogger themes

Plogger is a pretty nice PHP image gallery, though not without its faults. The guys there were nice enough to include my Air theme as one of the three themes bundled with the program.

  1. Broadway 2 + Lightbox: a Plogger theme
  2. Plogger 3 theme: Broadway