How to remove the GRUB bootloader from Windows XP

I had set up a hard drive with two Windows XP installations on separate partitions and used GRUB to choose between them at boot. Eventually, I needed only one of these installations and wanted to clone/copy it to a separate drive. I happened to have an old copy of Ghost 2003, so I used that to clone the partition I wanted to keep.

But when I tried to boot that install, all I got was the word GRUB on an otherwise blank screen after the POST.

I did some Googling and found the How to remove GRUB loader!? post at

Basically, you can get around this problem by replacing the boot sector and MBR.

  1. Boot into Recovery Console with the XP install media by choosing the Repair option
  2. Choose the installation to work on
  3. At the command prompt (assuming your installation is on C:), enter: fixboot c:
  4. Proceed through any warnings
  5. At the command prompt, enter: map
  6. Record the name of the device on which you will be writing the new master boot record
  7. At the command prompt, enter: fixmbr [device_name] (where the device name is something like DeviceHardDisk0
  8. Proceed through any warnings
  9. Exit Recovery Console and reboot

Resources: Windows XP Professional Product Documentation – fixboot and Windows XP Professional Product Documentation – fixmbr