An exchange with Peter Sagal on Twitter

My wife called me during the train ride home to say that she just had a brief encounter with Peter Sagal as she was unloading the car. He happened to be walking past while she was telling the boy, who was trying to push the stroller, that the wheels were locked. Mr. Sagal commented that he liked his name.

We listen to Wait Wait every week, either in the car while running errands or going to the zoo, children’s museum, IKEA, etc., or the podcast later. The kids dig clapping along during the introduction. Our daughter has named one of her stuffed animals (a cat) Peter Sagal. Mr. Sagal’s opinion of this is unknown.

I don’t use Twitter that much, but I’ve followed him for some time. I told her I would tweet about it and that I bet he would reply. So I did, and sure enough, a few hours later, he did.

Exchange with Peter Sagal on Twitter

Peter Sagal does Twitter right

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