One million inbound links

I’d like to note that, as of today, Google Webmaster Tools is reporting over one million inbound links to pages on

one million inbound links

One million inbound links!

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on lately, giving it a new look, working at improving the site’s navigation, cultivating some inbound links, and posting more regularly. It’s rewarding to see that the effort is paying off.

Over the last few days, I’ve been concentrating on reducing page load times by sending the proper headers and compressing files.

I’ll give it some time and see how performance improves.

According to Google’s Webmaster Tools’ performance overview, with Super Cache running, a single minified CSS, a single minified JavaScript, etc. but no compression or header tweaks:
On average, pages in your site take 2.8 seconds to load (updated on Jun 28, 2010). This is faster than 53% of sites.

The chart illustrating page load times is pretty much all over the place, but at no time has the site dipped into the 20th percentile, indicating a ‘fast’ site. I’m trying to change that.