World of Warcraft Hunter Pet Common Questions

For starters, Petopia is a wonderful site for identifying pets. It has a wealth of information on potential pets’ colors, abilities, levels, attack speeds, locations, etc. It is an essential site for all Hunters.

How do I teach my pet new abilities?

New abilities are first taught to you, not directly to your pet. Once you know an ability, you can then teach it to as many pets as you wish, as long as the pet is of sufficient level, is the correct species and has enough “training points.”

You learn new abilities from Pet Trainer NPCs and from various beasts. The Pet Trainers are found in the capital cities and mid-level villages and teach only the Growl ability and improvements to your pet’s armor, health, and resistances. These abilities can be learned by all pets.

All other abilities are taught to you by various tameable beasts. A pet’s species (bear, wolf, cat, etc.) limits which abilities it can learn, so you have to pick a species that fits your needs. Each pet starts off with some sort of ability, so let’s use Bite as a common example. While your pet may know only Bite 1, there are other beasts out there that know higher ranks of Bite, among other abilities.

Every ten levels, your pet will be able to learn the next higher rank of its species’ abilities. Using Petopia as a guide, identify a beast that knows the ability and rank you wish to teach your current pet. Now, stable your current pet and go tame the one that knows the ability. Once tamed, fight a few mobs, and as the pet’s ability is triggered, you’ll learn it. After you get the message, “You have learned a new ability…” you can abandon this pet and get your old one out of the stable. With the pet summoned, open your Beast Training window and teach it the new ability.

Why isn’t my pet gaining experience?

Pets of equal level with you won’t gain experience.

For maximum efficiency, tame a pet shortly after you level up, and get one a level below your own. E.g., given the choice of taming a level 19 or 20 beast, a hunter who just turned level 20 should choose the level 19.

How do pets gain loyalty?

The short answer is your pet will gain loyalty as it gains experience. More precisely, it seems to me that a pet’s loyalty increases faster when fighting something that would give you experience (this only matters if your pet is many levels below you). Furthermore, it seems that a pet gains loyalty at a reduced rate, or possibly not at all, if it’s not gaining experience. Someone with more patience than I can test this. To be sure, sitting around with your pet fed, but not doing anything, isn’t a satisfying way to increase its loyalty. I’ve spent many hours fishing with a happily fed pet beside me, and it didn’t gain any loyalty.

How do I train my pet?

The Beast Training button, which could be more accurately named, is somewhat strangely located in the General tab of your spell book. It looks like an old-fashioned slingshot. With your pet summoned, click the Beast Training button and a tradeskill-type window will open, showing you the abilities that you can teach to your pet along with the “training point” cost of each.

You don’t need to teach a pet each rank incrementally; that is, you can skip from Bite 1 to Bite 3 without you or your pet learning Bite 2 so long as your pet is of sufficient level and has enough “training points.”

The point cost of each ability assumes that you haven’t learned any previous ranks. For example, if rank 3 costs 25 points, but you already know rank 2 at 15 points, to upgrade will only cost the difference: 10 points. It would be nice if this was calculated for you, but it isn’t. So, unless you want to do the math, train the skills important to you first, and then use up the rest of your points with less important skills. As an example, I want my pet to do as much DPS as possible, so I first train the extra attack abilities (Bite, Claw, etc.) to their maximum level, then use the rest of the points on health and armor, and finally on resistances.

If you have more than one pet, say a DPS pet and a Tank pet, you can focus their training on different things and maximize their strengths for each purpose.

Good luck, and good hunting.

88 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Hunter Pet Common Questions

  1. Krael

    Just want to add info about pets gaining train points. I have many times wondered around cities with wife be it fishing, trade skills or what have you and my pet would “ding” or level training points. This has ONLY happened when my pet was fully happy with a green smile face. I hope this was useful info.

  2. Hutton

    I have a small question for you. As I reaching level 60 on my alt hunter I pickup a blue frostsaber pride watcher (59) from Winterspring. My hunter is lvl 59 aswell.

    Do I understand correct that my pet wont gain any loyalty and therefor no training points?

    I wonder how do you train your pet when you are lvl 60 and you decide to tame a lvl 60 pet. You wont have any training points to train you pet nor will your pet gain any loyalty because you aint gaining experience.

    I dont think this works like this at all but am seeking an answer to how it works exactly…:S

    Perhaps you or anyone else have a good idea how this works.

  3. ardamis Post author

    That’s a good question, but I don’t have a clear answer for you. I would assume that a well-fed level 60 pet would gain loyalty when it and the level 60 Hunter kill blue mobs, even though the Hunter may not gain any experience. As I understand it, a happy pet gains loyalty when it and the Hunter kill something that “would” be worth experience.

    I don’t have a level 60, so I can’t personally verify this as accurate, though. I would suggest you ask a level 60 Hunter in-game about loyalty and training points with regard to level 60 pets.

    Good luck, and thanks for the great question. Let me know if you get an answer.

  4. Galeb

    My main is a level 60 hunter and as long as the pet is gaining loyalty it will gain training points. You have to kill green mobs or higher.

  5. Aicha

    I got a lvl 60 hunter, and I tamed a level 60 boar 2 days ago, and it still only has loyalty 1, even though I have killed lots of green/yellow mobs with it.
    Is this a something anyone else has experienced?

  6. Snrofgar

    im a lvl 60 dwarf hunter, i too have tamed a Frostsaber at lvl 60 and he is not gaining loyalty or training points!
    this was so much easyier at lvl 10!

  7. BraveErnest

    I have recently noticed that i am gaining skills faster than i ever gain Training points. I think this is because you’re supposed to level up a pet that you get from the start of the game. The lower the pet, the stronger it will be at 60 because of all of the training points you recieve while leveling.

    So, the best thing i could think to do would be to go tame a low level best, around ten. And then go to Revantusk and start farming turtles with your pet on passive and just watch him level. They are passive so he won’t aggro them. Just keep an eye out for gammita or she’ll one shot your pet and tick him off.

  8. Doc Jones

    Just little FYI, pets gain loyalty just being out. I have had my pet ‘level’ at the AH and fishing.

  9. Aicha

    My pet went to loyalty 6 after alot of farming, and no pvp. It has never gain loyalty in a bg eventhough I have been there alot.
    So just keep killing, and keep it happy or by TBC 😉

  10. mike

    Hello. i’m working on the new race’s hunter’s and i have a snow lepord. people have told me that i can go tame a bore and use the charge ability on the snow lepord but i have not tested it myself. is this true?? if so what lvl whould i have to be and my pet. atm i’m lvl 24 draeine and pet is 23.

  11. Derrick

    There are some ability’s that are not avialable to all kinds of pets. For instance, a cat type pet can not learn charge from a boar. And a boar type pet can not learn prowl from a cat. Also, there are many different ability’s that are beast type specific. I hope this helps a little.

  12. Megan

    There are certain skills that only certain pets can use. Charge is one of those. Only boars can use it, as well as gore and I think one other. As to the question about loyalty… A pet will gain loyalty at level 60, it just takes a little more time then at level 10. If you notice though, even a level 10 doesn’t get all the way to level 6 loyalty before it levels. Also a pet gets training points for gaining loyalty levels based on its current level. I also got the frostsaber pridewatcher, and by the time she got to loyalty level 6 she had over 300 training points, so that’s not really an issue. A really good place to go to find a pet for you is Happy hunting. 🙂

  13. Zajaya

    I just tamed King Bangalesh at 43, same lvl as King.. I’m now 48 and I barely have enough points for stamina and armor rank 8… I don’t have enough points for resistances… any idea what I can do to get more points.. I really want to keep him because of Cobra Reflexes… any help is appreciated.

  14. Valtaire

    hello im a lvl 48 blood elf hunter and i had that elite lion from the barrens since lvl 10 (the white one). Anyway i just got my new pet ( the elite white and black striped cat from STV the king bangladash or somthin.. anyway when igot this cat every thing seemed fine until i looked at his TP thinkin it would be Zero…yea i was wrong he had -52tp and i was pissed do you know why i now have to waste my loyalty lvls to now just get him back to zero ( i abandond my first try at this pet and the second time was the same ??

  15. Xanaphia

    Hi –
    I am lvl 41 and I have two pets – one at lvl 38 and one at lvl 39. I have been going out and getting new abilities for them to learn every once in awhile. But now I tried to train my cat in one of the abilities (dash) and it says my pet can’t learn any more abilities. It has enough training points to learn it. What’s wrong?

  16. Finrahl

    When you first tame a pet their loyalty is at 1 and their training points are always in the -57 range. Just use the pet, gain loyalty and his training points will go up. Don’t keep abandoning him and you aren’t wasting any loyalty levels because there is no other way to gain loyalty except buy using your pet in battle. MOBS that are close to the pet’s level will yield loyalty. The higher above the better but I rarely see huge shifts with a pet fighting a MOB that is 3-5 levels below and a MOB that is at his level. 3-5 levels above yield about 2x the xp for leveling so that is a good place to start if possible.

  17. Vylet

    I’m a lvl 59 NE Hunter, and i was noticing that you guys keep saying that it was meant for you to keep the same pet from lvl 10. I don’t think this is true. I’ve have one of those grey spotted moonsabers from lvl 10 to now and just tamed a lvl 59 Frostsaber Pride Watcher. He hasn’t gained any loyalty, but i noticed that he has just a little bit less armor and damage than does my original pet without any trained abilities such as Natural Armor or Stamina and no Bite or Claw abilities, where as i jave over 200 training points spent on my original one to get him to where he was. I’d just liek to know how, since i got a new pet so late, this will effect my train point gain for him. Someone said the higher it is the more points it gets during loyalty lvling, course he hasn’t done that yet…so i can’t really test that theory. BTW, just because you pet was Elite when u tamed it, does not mean it’s still elite now, in fact, in the WOW guide it tells you that training elites cancels their elite quarlities, which is why i haven’t gone through the trouble of trying to get an elite…i’ll stick with the blue frostsaber…or purple or whatever color u wanna call it. if anyone has any suggestions on the training point issue, feel free to reply.

  18. exeon

    just keep the pet out and well trained.

    The amount of training points your pet has is based off of a formula:

    Training Points = (level)*(loyalty-1)

    Short version: At lvl 47, with a Best Friend pet (Loyalty Level 6), your pet should have 235 training points.

    Each level, he will gain 5 more points, with 300 points available at lvl 60, and 350 pts at lvl 70.

    i and my pet are lvl 70, and the pet have loyalty 6, im waiting for 7.

  19. Huntah

    Exeon described the maths of the pet training points well enough. Though s/he made a little mistake. There is no loyalty lvl 7. The most TP a pet can have is 350 @ lvl70.

    A pet can have negative TP when first tamed. It has quite a simple explanation. When first tamed the pet will have 0 TP as it has a loyalty lvl of 1. (check Exeon’s post for maths) But the pet also have some abilities which it already knows, like claw, bite, dash etc. The cost of this already known skills is subtracted and you have a negative TP. If you go to a pet trainer and clear all the skills the pet have, you will see that it is going to have 0 TP.

  20. tabletop

    i just taught my new boar rank 4 bite while his loyalty is rank 2. But the ability bite does not show on his action bar. Is it because i need to level his loyalty higher? or is this just a glitch. ty

  21. anonymous

    whoever said taming a pet at the beginning of the game is better, it’s not. A pet that you tame at level 50 and raise to level 60 will not have the stats of a new level 60 pet that you tame. IE. You tame a level 50 pet, level it to 60, then tame the level 60 frostsaber. WITHOUT ANY POINTS SPENT in training, that pet will have more AC/health (or at least the same) as your former pet did with ZERO points spent.

    Leveling up a pet from 1-60/70 thus is stupid. You will also have to tame higher level mobs to get higher level attack/ability ranks anyway.

  22. Redda

    I have a prob. with the amount of trainingpoint my pet gets. I got a elite boar from RFK around lvl 29 and the loyalty went to lvl 6 fast. But the prob. is that I only get around 7 trainingspoint a lvl and by that rate it will take a long time (now as lvl 37 I have not used any for 5 lvl and I got 17 left) What do I do wrong?

  23. Swiftestfox

    All cats of the same lvl are equal. There is no advatage to lvling a lower cat to 60 as oposed to taming a lvl 60 cat. I’m sure one of the reasons Blizzard even has lvl 60 cats is so that you can pick which skin you like best. You will always end up with 350 Tps at lvl 70, and your pet will have pretty much the same armor and attacks (depending on what kind of pet you have).

  24. Johnny Cache

    FYI – To learn how to tame a pet, there’s a quest series you can do starting at level 10. Your local hunter trainer should have it. It’s not hard, just a bit repetitive. You get decent XP for the series, too.

  25. Mixolydian

    I just got the rotting agam;mor boar from RFK (lvl 28 elite) the problem is I am lvl 36. is there a way to lvl him up faster than normal so i can get to my STV quests. i know you’ll say just tame a higher lvl pet. but if u saw this boar u would know why i have to have him, plus boars are best pets anyways

  26. Badsmell

    I am a level 48 and also trying to get my head arround the whole pet thing – do I get a new pet ? – do I keep a new pet? – where do I spend my pet points for a tank or a DPS ? – what abilities should I train him – ? – etc. I have Humar – rare from Barrens – do I get rid of him or just keep trainning him.

  27. Markendal

    Let’s set the record straight and help everyone.
    I’m a 64 Night Elf Hunter with Humar as my pet – and I love my MadCat.

    Let’s walk the dog… errr… cat on this whole hunter training thing.

    Tame the pet – Strategy.
    Get close enough and execute the tame beast command.
    Ensure you either don’t have a pet with you or you dismiss th one you have.
    If you dismiss the pet IT IS GONE FOREVER.
    One strategy is to get a “disposable” pet to get you to the beast you want to tame – I use this one.
    For higher level of elite pets remember they hit HARD, so be a full health or use some buffs.
    One additional strategy for higher levels is to use your Freezing Trap to encase the beast in ice – then it can’t hit you, but you are still taming = less damage.

    Your pet gains (or loses) loyalty ALL THE TIME!!!
    If your pet’s happiness is yellow or green they are gaining happiness.
    That is why they “appear” to level for no real reason at odd times the auction house; while fishing; etc.
    Just keep them fed and fight with themand they will gain loyalty.
    Fighting mobs that give experience increases the rate of loyalty gain and is the best way to get to level 6 fast.

    Training Points.
    Your TOTAL training points is calculated as follows.
    Pet Level x Loyalty Level -1 = Training Points.
    So a level 64 Hunter with a Level 63 Humar as a pet at Loyalty level 6 will calculate the training points like this.
    Level 63 Cat (Humar) x Loyalty Level 6 -1 = 315 Training Points
    When you first tame a pet their loyalty is level 1.
    So a level 10 pet just tamed and loyalty level 1 = 10 Training Points.

    I’ll continue shortly.


  28. Markendal

    Okay, I’m back again.

    To continue our previous dicussion on Training Points…

    To answer the question, “Why does my pet have negative training points?”
    The answer is actually simple math.
    Your pet gets training points as I laid out previously.
    Now, some pets already have abilities when you tame them i.e. Bite, Claw, Prowl, Dash, etc.
    If your tamed beast has any abilities when it is tamed it retains those abilities.
    Further, the training point cost for that ability is subtracted out of the beast’s available training points.
    Lets look at King B (Bangalesh) at level 43 right after being tamed.
    At level 43 and loyalty level 1, he has 43 x 1-1 = 0 Training Points – this is his base number.
    Additionally, he has Cobra Reflexes = 25 training points; and Claw level 6 = 17 Training Points; resulting in a total cost of 42 training points (I believe that is all his tamed abilities).
    So King B will have -42 training points when tamed.

    As noted earlier, it really doesn’t matter if you tame a beast at low level and keep it to level 70 or you change your pets as often as you change your underwear – hmmm that might be longer for some folks than others, but you get the idea.
    Personally, I have had MadCat (Humar) since I was Level 25 and he was Level 23 and he continues to be my main pet.

    The pet you choose can be really important depending on your hunter style.
    I like my pet to be a monster – fast, steathly, high damage, durable.
    However, with pets, it is a give and take situation.
    For everything you get or give to the pet, you lose somewhere else.
    Cats are great pets and highly versitile, but some folks might agrue this for other pets as well.
    I like that my cat is fast, stealthy and deadly since I have Dash, Prowl, Claw and I am a Beast Master Hunter with 5 talent points in Serpent Swiftness and Beastial Wraith.
    In my opinion, MadCat is a great fit for all types of play – PVP, Solo Leveling, and Instances / Raids.
    I would also give high marks to the Wind Serpents.
    There Lightning Breath is Nature Damage which is not easily resisted by most monsters or players and it does great damage since your attack power also modifies your pet’s spell damage.
    But which pet is best is a matter of great debate.
    My view is all pets turn out roughly equal in the end.
    Thus, my give and take comment earlier.
    Basically, high DPS pets are killers, but they don’t take damage that well so against a hard hitting mob, like elites, they may die.
    Tank pets, like Bears, aren’t quick killers like cats, but they can really take a beating because they have great armor and health.
    I’ve seen a bear hold 5 mobs while the hunter picked the mobs apart from range.
    But MadCat and I took down a “tough” (as defined by post in Thottbot) level 63 elite in Zangarmarsh with ~18k health in about a minute.
    So to add to your confusion on pets, it really depends on your style of fighting with your pet and hunter as to what pet will best suit you.
    My advise is try out different beasts and see what you like best.

    As for training abilities to your pet, the info that Ardamis provided at the top of this page outlines the process pretty well.
    Only one thing I would add…
    So how do you find a beast with the ability you want to learn?????
    Here are a few tips to help.
    First, get an addon called Fizzwidget’s Hunter Helper.
    This will add the tamed abilities to the mouse over tool tip when you put your mouse over a beast.
    Addons can be downloaded from
    Or you can just cast your beast info ability all the time, but that is time consuming.
    Second, use Petopia as Ardamis suggested at the top of the page.
    Finally, try this page
    It discusses all the pet abilities and has a great table of beasts abilities and what mobs, by name and location, will have those abilities when tamed.
    Also, I would recommend spending a little training points to get some of the resistances.
    MadCat has 90 in all resistances.
    The higher you go the more casters you will face.
    Also, very important in PVP since you will be facing lots of casters.

    Okay, my final offering for hunters.
    The Great Hunter Debate!!!!!
    Beast Mastery or Marksman?????
    My view is the same as my view for pets.
    It depends on your style, but basically they are equal.
    Marksmen Hunters focus on the hunter themelves doing high burst and sustained damage.
    They have high Attack Power; do big “nuclear” crits; but their pets are not heavy hitters – the hunter is the heavy hitter laying out the damage while the pet tries to hold aggro.
    Beast Master Hunters focus on there pet being a heavy hitter, being durable and holding aggro while the hunter lays out substanial sustained damage.
    And later with Serpent Switness, the hunter and pet combined damage is easily comparable to the Marksman except the damage is done in more faster, smaller hits instead of slower big hits.
    But again, it all comes out about equal.
    It really depends on how you like to fight with your pet and your hunter.

    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck and Happy Hunting

    Mark – Veknilash Server

  29. Beldinn

    Nicely said, and with out offending anybody!

    Here is just a little more information (or just my two bits).

    Pets use to have different attack speeds but that was nerffed along time ago in a server far far away. Cats of the same level are equal, all boars are equal and so on. The training and the talents are what make each pet unique.

    (Now that I said that lets throw a little exception to the rule out there.)

    Except some pets are spell casters which is a whole new argument if it is good or bad. (My opinion its bad, now let the flames begin!)


  30. Idlon

    I’ll have to admit Mark that was a very good and desisve comment that u left and it somewhat helped me. And to the question about keeping or getting a new pet? its ur decision.

  31. Solleks

    I have not started playing yet, but am doing my research now to see what’s best for me. Thanks for the great tips from the actually article writer and Mark.

  32. Tomei

    Marksmanship Hunter, hit 70 recently. I’ve had the same little Nightsaber since hitting darkshore. He’s served me well, and I’ve only tamed other beasts to learn abilities. The only thing with him, it seems, is that my hitting so many critical shot so frequently as a Marksman Spec, keeps him from holding aggro. I mend and send in and wait till about near the second growl cycle before doing major damage.

    Basically, my pet is a distractor. I’ve recently tamed a raptor at level 65 to see how that combination does. Is there a particular class of pets that seems to hold aggro BETTER than a cat, or all the pets about the same?

    As a side note, using a pet like I do, its good to beef their armor and stamina. Neko (Nightsaber) is decked in Stam/Armor, a few resistances, Dash and Claw. If you find your pet is taking damage too fast, what generally works for me, is popping growl OFF, mend, distracting shot, and let them charge at me for a few hits, feign. and by the time that happens and they go back to the pet, he should have decent HP again.

    While its easier sometimes to have a high HP pet to endure battles while i hit from a distance, if you simply -like- a kind of animal, get it, and figure out the tactics necessary to make the combination work for you. =)

    (and in all honesty, i’d feel guilty getting rid of a level 70 pet at this point)

  33. Trough

    Hi, I’m glad I found this thread! I’ve been looking around for pet info from work and all the Petopia, etc. sites are blocked from work 🙂 Markendal explains it very well, I just don’t like it. I just bought the game believe it or not and have a level 23 dwarf hunter. I’ve grown attached to a spider pet that I tamed as soon as I hit Thelsamar and I’m sure I’m going to keep him all the way through. I also am looking at getting a cat and going around to get the various skills for him but this is where I don’t like the pet system. There should be some kind of benefit to taming a pet early on and raising him throughout the game. There’s just too much attachment to a pet to just toss it away because that level 43 beast looks cool. Maybe it would be too much work to figure out a fair way of giving bonus’ to pets that you have kept for long periods of time but the current system uses a base pet, throws hundreds of different skins on them, and then adjusts a few to 10% damage, 7% damage, x% health, x% armor, etc.

    For example, Ian (my spider) should have slightly higher base stats than a spider I would tame of an equal level assuming I’ve had Ian for an extended amount of time.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts 🙂 I like the game so far and have played around with Priest and Warrior a little so far too but I find myself logging my Hunter back in.

  34. taurismoo

    just a quick question that I have never seemed to figure out. I have a lvl 70 hunter, that I have basically used to grind mats fro my mains. I have kept the same pets my entire time playing, and haven’t switched them out, so I basically know what can and cannot be learned.

    For King B, if I dropped a pet and picked him up specifically to keep his cobra reflexes (keep in mind I am a 70, and he is a 43 elite), will he need to fight mobs his lvl to ding? Or will he need to fight things my lvl.

    Now i do realize that it would take a while, to have him reach 70 with me, especially bc if I drop his training he loses the cobra reflexes, but I was thinking of doing it every so often when I am waiting for raids, etc.

    Any ideas?

  35. Phenom

    Say if i tame a pet a lvl 10, then as everyone knows the shrink…will that pet get bigger overtime or will i have to keep taming bigger pets to have a big pet??

  36. Kevin

    Ok I have stumbled across something that seems to be different than what I have read on hunter pets….I have always like gettin elite pets for something different. My last pet was king bangalash and i leveled him to 61, I decided to get shy-rotam from winterspring for something different and assumed that his abilities would be around the same as bangalash, heres the differences that I found:

    Attribute Bangalash   Shy-Rotam
    Stamina 314 323
    Power 315 362
    Damage 117 – 148 145 – 177
    Spell resistance   +37 +64
    Armor 6029 5748

    I found this very interesting as elites are supposed to revert back to the same stats and I have done no training with Shy yet so he has an armor upgrade to lvl 9 and a stamina upgrade yet to get, also the damage is alot higher just as standard that bangalash was. Anyway might be something for my fellow hunters to bear in mind when taming pets.

  37. Hellbat

    Interesting reading – mostly played Hunter – and main pet has been King-Bang from lvl43. Now I’m lvl61 and have been using a Winterspring Screecher since lvl 56/7 – can’t remember. But, something to consider – it has screech – which takes 100 melee attack power from any mob – within it’s radius. So – really aggros anything out there – a little less armor than a boar, but worth it because it holds aggro well – better than my lvl 56 King Bang…

    Will have to test Shy-Rotam as a pet – and will post some finding from that.

  38. Genica

    I’m a level 70 hunter. I have a level 70 ravager that I use for PvE. I am thinking about getting a Scorpid for PvP and I’m wondering how that Scorpid will gain any training points if I am already level 70 and it will be close to 70 when I train it. It has Natural Armor 10, Claw 9 and Scorpid poison 5. It will have negative training points when I tame it so how do I get enough training points to teach it growl and it’s other abilities?

  39. Ezer

    I haven’t read all of the posts here but I did see one higher on the list asking the question of gaining loyalty and experience on your pet. When I hit level 60, I went straight to Winterspring and tamed Shy-Rotam which is a level 60 tiger. It’s an outstanding looking pet but if you are level 60 with your pet, that’s all it is “cool looking”. Your pet will not gain experience or loyalty if you are both the same level. You need to choose a pet a level lower than you for best results. I know that was stated before but I just wanted to give an example if there were any more questions.

  40. Lmao

    I have a pet of lvl 12 and im lvl 13, but if my pet kills other beasts it doesnt get any exp. Does any1 know why? 😛

  41. Anara

    For a kill to count, you have to do at least some damage to the mob. If your pet kills a mob by itself, neither you nor it will get the experience. Otherwise people could just park themselves in a zone, set their pet to aggressive, and go lay in the sun while their pet essentially botted for them.

  42. Hellbat

    Hi Jinx, you need to be at least lvl10 – then you’ll get a quest to tame your 1st pet – it is mentioned earlier in this thread ….

    Is there any other hunters that are using an owl as a main pet? I’ve got King Bang – up to lvl 66 now – but my owl still holds aggro better than anything else – with screech on ….

  43. Zelwind(gnomeregan)

    Hey guys and gals!

    I’m a raiding BM spec hunter and its really the only way to be to maximize your damage. Basically, you gain so much more damage boosting your pets atk pwr, that simply the other specs and the majority of any class cannot keep up. The closest to keep up I have seen is a survivalist hunter, but in comparison are still ways behind in damage. Plain and simple, do your research learn the hunter’s stats and abilities. Run tests on mobs, change pets, change specs; play alongside other hunters. And after all that try to remeber its still just a game. lol, take care~

  44. Zelwind(gnomeregan)

    oh jinx to answer your question. its been 6 days since your post, im pretty sure you have one by now. but its lvl 10 for those who might want to know 🙂

  45. jinx

    hey to all ive done it ive found out witch pet is the best it is indeed no doubt TIMBER LVL 10 WOLF pain in the but to tame

  46. Morpheux (Daggerspine)

    Just tamed a lv 20 ghost saber. I am lv 40. Which is the quickest way to lv him up. Kill lv 40’s or kill lv 20’s

  47. Magnus

    I’m a Lvl 23 Night Elf BM Hunter and looking to go get Humar soon. I need a good list of Stable Masters and Pet Trainers. Anyone have a link?

  48. jinx

    im lvl 12 night elf im gonna get timber for bite rank 2 then ditch then ill get bajarn for claw 2 and keep him teach both skillz to my cat and bajarn is that a good plan

  49. Morgan

    I have done all the quests for the pets but the guy ganaar is not around. hiw do i get him?

  50. Ryan

    i was level 18 and my pet was 17…i started to train and im 21 now but hes still 17..why isnt he leveling? And another quick question…if a level 20 trains a level 6 how could u train em?

  51. Adam

    I would like to say that through my levels ive only had one pet. A bear. I had gotten this pet in auberdine. One of those rabid bears. I have to say some good times came out of that bear. 🙁 i wish i din’t have ti kill him so many times.

  52. Adam

    Now people i know most people hate this but for hunters Go for engineering. It’ll pay off later on. The free bullets and the new scopes will bring big game to your hunter!!! 🙂

  53. kayla

    i have a question if i have a pet that i just got its a level 1 silvewinged hatchling wil it fight with me in some point in time??? i sm a llevel 10!!!

  54. shawnaconda

    OK, I was readint this, and somebody asked what would be a good pet for talking. You may laugh, but I am using a tamed Zarakh (spider). I know people think spiders stink, but hear me out. My first character was a Lock, and I used voidwalker all the time. My tamed Zarakh holds aggro much better than my voidwalker. It practically screetches like an owl. A lot of players get annoyed because it screetches (growls) so much. And a lot of people say that spiders don’t learn a lot of skills. yeah, that’s true, but how many skills does a tank need. Spiders get tons of armor. not bad health, and they actually get decent dps. One last thing about spiders: they don’t get a lot of skills, and that is actually kind of a good thing. The reason i say this is, you can spend all your skill points on them abd pretty much get all their skills maxed. Like i said, they get really good tanking skills, and you can practiacally max them out. One more last tidbit of info, I think spiders are some of the coolest looking pets in the game, so you can get one that tickles your fance. Oh yeah, if anybody wants to send me a comment, my email is let me know if this helps you, or if you have a spider as a pet and really like it.

  55. Wilhelm

    The level 1 pets are just for show. They won’t actaully attack anything.

    I’ve always wished you could. I would love leveling up a lev 1 squirrel or rat.

  56. wibin

    Hello i have a question i have noticed that pets kept since a really low level like 10 are really big when they reach like 60 or 70 well i’m level 60 hunter and decided to tame a lvl 11 raptor but he wont gain any experience and is taking down way to much for his level just wandering if its a bug or something or is it not possible to have a pet that many levels below u.

  57. Axel

    I have a question.I got a pet which is 10 lvl lower than my hunter.In order for pet to reach my level what exactly do I need to do?Just go and fight mobs my level so it can gain experience or it won’t work?

  58. Petrinka

    To wiblin (and axel): A pet only gains levels when “you” kill mobs green/yellow/red to your level. Anything grey to you will not gain either of you XP. If you are a level 60 hunter, you have to kill mobs level 50 to however high you think you can handle for the pet to gain levels. He doesn’t gain levels when he fights mobs his level. Also, you have to actually hit the mob. If the pet does all the damage and gets the kill (no matter what level) neither you nor him will gain XP.

    And for those wondering…I highly suggest you tame your end game pet prior to reaching level 60. It takes a VERY long time for your pet to gain loyalty levels one “you” hit 60. So if you are a 59 hunter and want humar, do it before you hit 60.

    Antonidas – Level 70 Draenei Hunter

  59. James

    It took me a while to find this [ TrainingPoints = PetLevel * (LoyaltyLevel – 1) ] I just trained a L60 Frostsaber cat and it now has a Loyalty of 1. So the Loyalty of 1, minus 1 = zero. The level of 60 multiplied by zero is of course zero. No training points.

    At Loyalty 2 you will then have 60 training points. Loyalty 3 will give you 120 training points and so on, 60 training points per loyalty level after the first.

  60. Hal Smith

    My pet seems to be stuck at 80xp on lvl 17. No matter how much combat she sees the xp moves no further than 80. She is happy and loyalty is at best friend. What can I do to get her xp to start going up again? Abbasynia hunter

  61. Hunter

    I have a level 61 Hunter. back when I was lower level I tried to find Broketooth in Kargath but was never able to do so. I recently found him and tamed him.

    Any chance on making him a decent pet with the huge level difference? He’s only 37.

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  63. tee

    So i was reading above and it was said that if you get exp for a kill your pet will also get exp. If im lvl 70 and wat to take my lvl 42 pet out of retirement and lvl him up. Do i need to kill enemies within the 6 lvl range like the book says or am I out of luck till wrath comes out?

  64. Dugger

    I’m a level 13 Night Elf Hunter. I did the pet training in level 10. How do I get a pet. Do I buy it in Darnassas???

  65. Arenot

    Hey Petrinka…im from antonidas aswell..65 hunter..maybe we can discuss pets some time cause im stuck with Shy-rotam…i’m planning on changing…maybe when ur on and i am we can i dunno go ta outland and get taming

    Arenot lv 65 hunter


  66. ntZ

    i am level 70 trol hunter….
    and i have tamed a pet 67 level…
    how do i rise in level this pet 😕

  67. Flame

    Hi, I’m new to WoW and I’m not sure how to turn off the ‘prowl’ ability that my pet Echaykee (white lion in Barrens) has. It’s really annoying as he is always on prowl when i try to attack something and i usually die before he gets there. Someone please help me. I’m a level 17 Blood Elf hunter on Saurfang(new realm that came out on 30th Jan ’09 3:00pm).

  68. Hector

    I don’t have a question, i got a problem and i need your help or know the reason of why this is happening. When my pet gain on level it’s damage decreases ironically… i don’t know why i’m going to level up if its going to be waker and weaker… please e-mail for an answer

    p.d. I tamed the beast when it was level 65… it’s a cat


  69. Eridest

    Flame, there are three modes your pet can be in: Aggressive, Defensive, and Passive. If you don’t want him attacking anything at all, switch him to Passive. If you want him to attack only when you’re being attacked, put him on Defensive. I’m not sure what the point of Aggressive is, other than helping someone out in an area where you’re obviously not threatened by what you’re fighting… because your pet will go out and find anything it can attack and do so. I think that’s what you mean by he’s ‘prowling’.

  70. Hieu

    I tried taming a pet that was a couple levels lower than me but it said it isn’t tameable .why is that? Some websites says you check the color of its name to find out if it is tameable or not. is that true?

  71. Andrew

    Hey. I have a lv 44 Orc hunter and I just trained king b. ( lv 43 elite) and he did the shrink thing where he gets all small. But I always see higher levels with king b. And he looks huge! How do I make my pet big?

  72. dewald

    hi can any 1 help me, i am lvl 70 and my pet is lvl 70 butt stil needs that las bit of xp 4 bars and if i kill creeps he does not get xp. and if i train him like his bite and i log of and olg back on again the training points has reset again back to no training. help

  73. islandshot

    Im a blood elf and i go to tame Big pets and they shrink. Is there any way to get them in there size they were originally suppose to be?

  74. Ragor

    I have a lvl 18 cat and have trained bite 1 on her, now have bite 2 in my training list but won’t let me train it to the cat?

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